Holidays With Carole

Carole Landis Christmas

Carole  loved celebrating the holidays! She always threw a big party on Mother's Day, Easter, and Christmas. There were lavish decorations, famous guests, and lots of delicious food. Her annual New Year's Eve party was her favorite because the next day was her birthday. It was tradition to of open her presents shortly after midnight. Carole said "Our family is great on celebrations. I go all sentimental on my birthday and on holidays. Isn't it marvelous?"

To celebrate Christmas 1947 she and her husband Horace threw a pool party her friends. Carole even dressed up as Santa. Guests included Franchot Tone, Betty Garrett, and Roy Calhoun.

Carole Landis Rory CalhounCarole Landis Betty Garrett

Carole Landis Horace Schmidlapp

Carole Landis Horace SchmidlappCarole Landis Christmas

Carole always served a big Turkey dinner for Thanksgiving. She was not a very good cook so her housekeeper usually did the cooking.

Carole Landis ThanksgivingCarole Landis Thanksgiving

In her 1944 movie Four Jills In A Jeep Carole celebrated Christmas overseas with her costars Kay Francis, Martha Raye, and Mitzi Mayfair

Carole Landis Martha RayeCarole Landis Kay Francis

Carole Landis Christmas CardCarole Landis Christmas Card
 Carole's Christmas cards

Carole Landis Christmas