Wintertime (1943)

Carole Landis Wintertime

In 1943 Carole co-starred in the musical comedy Wintertime. She had the supporting role of Flossie, a singer at a resort who is always fighting with her boyfriend. At the time she was under contract at 20th Century Fox. Carole had angered studio head Darryl Zanuck by taking five months off to entertain the troops during World War 2. When she returned to work she was assigned this film and given fourth billing in the credits. The cast includes Sonja HenieCesar Romero, Cornel Wilde, and Jack Oak. This was the fourth (and final) movie she made with her close friend Cesar Romero. They sang a duet together titled "I Like It Here".

Carole Landis Sonja HenieCarole Landis Sonja Henie
Carole and Sonja Henie

Carole Landis Cesar Romero Sonja Henie

 Carole told a friend that she had hoped she'd get to sing more songs. There were rumors in the press that she and Sonja did not get along with each other. Wintertime was directed by John Brahm. Rene Hubert designed the costumes. Filming took place in Los Angeles from April until July of 1943. Fox had planned to make the movie in Technicolor but instead they filmed it in black and white to save money. It was released on September 17, 1943. The movie became a big hit and earned more than one million dollars at the box office. Unfortunately most of the reviews focused on Sonja Henie and ignored Carole's performance.

Carole Landis Cesar RomeroCarole Landis Cesar Romero
Carole and Cesar Romero

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Carole Landis WintertimeCarole Landis Sonja HenieCarole Landis Wintertime

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