Recommended Reading


Radio Shows

Carole's Childhood

Marriage To Irving Wheeler

San Francisco & Hollywood

Warner Brothers & Busby Berkeley

On Stage & Republic Studios

Hal Roach & The Ping Girl

One Million B.C. (1940)

Turnabout (1940)

Carole's Cosmetic Surgery

Mystery Sea Raider (1940)

Marriage To Willis Hunt

Road Show (1941)

Topper Returns (1941)

20th Century Fox & Darryl Zanuck

Moon Over Miami (1941)

Dance Hall (1941)

Cesar Romeo & Carole's Friendship

Cadet Girl (1941)

I Wake Up Screaming (1941)

World War 2

Carole's Fight For Civil Rights

A Gentleman At Heart (1942)

My Gal Sal (1942)

It Happened In Flatbush (1942)

Orchestra Wives (1942)

Marriage To Tommy Wallace

Manila Calling (1942)

The Powers Girl (1943)

Wintertime (1943)

Four Jills In A Jeep (The Book & Movie)

Secret Command (1944)

USO Tour With Jack Benny

Having Wonderful Crime (1945)

Carole's Lovers

Broadway & Jacqueline Susann

Carole & Winnie The WAC

Marriage To Horace Schmidlapp

Why Carole Never Had Children

Behind Green Lights (1946)

A Scandal In Paris (1946)