Cadet Girl (1941)


Carole's Fight For Civil Rights

Radio Shows

Carole's Childhood

Marriage To Irving Wheeler

San Francisco & Hollywood

Warner Brothers & Busby Berkeley

On Stage & Republic Studios

Hal Roach & The Ping Girl

One Million B.C. (1940)

Turnabout (1940)

Carole's Cosmetic Surgery

Marriage To Willis Hunt

Mystery Sea Raider (1940)

Road Show (1941)

Topper Returns (1941)

20th Century Fox & Darryl Zanuck

Moon Over Miami (1941)

Cesar Romeo & Carole's Friendship

Dance Hall (1941)

I Wake Up Screaming (1941)

A Gentleman At Heart (1942)

It Happened In Flatbush (1942)

World War 2

Manila Calling (1942)

Marriage To Tommy Wallace

The Powers Girl (1943)

Wintertime (1943)

Four Jills In A Jeep (The Book & Movie)

Secret Command (1944)

USO Tour With Jack Benny

Having Wonderful Crime (1945)

Broadway & Jacqueline Susann

Marriage To Horace Schmidlapp

Carole & Winnie The WAC

Behind Green Lights (1946)

Why Carole Never Had Children

A Scandal In Paris (1946)

Out Of The Blue (1947)

It Shouldn't Happen To A Dog (1946)

Carole In England

Brass Monkey (1948)

The Silk Noose (1948)

Carole's Final Year & Last Recording