Carole In England

Carole Landis In England
Carole in England

In August of 1947 Carole traveled to London, England to make two movies - Brass Monkey and Noose. She had only made one film since her contract at 20th Century Fox ended and she was excited about getting back to work. At the time she was unhappily married to her fourth husband Horace Schmidlapp and having an affair with actor Rex Harrison. Horace decided to stay in New York City but Rex followed Carole to London. Their affair continued and got more serious even though Rex's wife, Lilli Palmer, came with him. Carole spent her days filming at Teddington Studios and stayed at the Savoy Hotel with her poodle Gina. When she wasn't working she attended many parties and events. She also spent time with her close friend Lt. Troy who had been injured during World War 2.

Carole Landis In EnglandCarole Landis In England
At a Royal Command performance of The Bishop's Wife

Carole Landis Lilli Palmer Patricia Roc
Lilli Palmer, Patricia Roc, and Carole

On September 6 she attended a garden party at Morden park in Surrey. Then in October she sponsored the "Carole Landis Cup" at the West Helm Speedway. During a break from filming she took a short trip to Paris, France. Carole visited the Eiffel Tower and had dinner with the Duchess of Windsor. In November she was photographed at the London zoo and attended the premiere of Charlie Chaplin's new film. She also participated in a Royal Command performance of The Bishop's Wife for King George and Queen Elizabeth. After the show she attended a star-studded celebration with Bob Hope, Loretta Young, and Patricia Roc. Her lover Rex Harrison and his wife Lilli Palmer also attended the show. Carole was not photographed with Rex but she did pose for some awkward pictures with Lilli. She met dancer Ram Gopal at the Prince's Theater in December.

Carole Landis In EnglandCarole Landis At The London Zoo
At a garden party in Surrey                                                                                                    At the London Zoo

Carole Landis Ram Gopal Eric Portman
With dancer Ram Gopal and actor Eric Portman

British audiences adored Carole and she was featured on the cover of the British magazines Film Illustrated Monthly and Picturegoer. Her husband Horace came to visit her after Christmas but they only spent a few days together. During their visit the couple agreed to separate. Carole posed for photographer Walter Bird in January of 1948. The photos were going to be used as publicity for Noose. While driving around London she got a parking ticket and had to pay a $20 fine. On February 24 she presented prizes at a children's charity boxing match. The following week she flew back to her home in California. She had lived in England for more than six months and had really fallen in love with the country. Carole said "I loved England and working there was really stimulating."

Carole Landis In EnglandCarole Landis In EnglandCarole Landis In England

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