Radio Shows

Carole Landis On The Radio

Carole appeared on more than seventy radio shows during her career! She acted in radio dramas, performed skits with other celebrities, and even hosted a few shows. You can listen to fifteen of her radio shows here ...

Carole Landis 1938
April 24, 1938 ~ Special Agent with John Ridgely (Carole's radio debut)

Carole Landis 1941 Radio ShowCarole Landis 1941 Radio Show

February 16, 1941 ~ Brother Orchid with Pat O'Brien and Donald Crisp

1942 ~ Carole sighs on Command Performance with Don Wilson

Carole Landis At Mare Island
August 16, 1942 ~ Vox Pop at Mare Island

Carole Landis Henry Fonda
September 3, 1942 ~ Mail Call with Henry Fonda and Don Ameche


Carole Landis John Garfield
May 10, 1943 ~ Johnny Eager with John Garfield

Carole Landis Groucho Marx
June 5, 1943 ~Blue Ribbon Town with Groucho Marx


Carole Landis
November 8, 1943 ~ George Washington Slept Here with Jack Carson

Carole Landis Dick Haymes
December 16, 1943 ~ Bob Burns Show with Dick Haymes (Carole talks about Four Jills In A Jeep)

Carole Landis Robert Young
February 21, 1944 ~ Design For Scandal with Robert Young

Carole Landis
April 11, 1944 ~ Duffy's Tavern with Ed Gardner

Carole Landis Charles Boyer
November 12, 1944 ~ Philco Radio Hall of Fame with Charles Boyer and Nan Wynn

Carole Landis 1945
1945 interview with Mary Margaret McBride (Carole talks about her childhood)

Carole Landis Radio Show
 March 16, 1946 ~ Continental Celebrity Club with John Daly

Carole Landis Frank Sinatra
December 26, 1946 ~ Command Performance with Frank Sinatra and Jimmy Durante

Carole Landis American Federation Of Radio Artists
Carole's 1942 application for the American Federation Of Radio Artists