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Carole Landis Was Born In Fairchild

Carole was born in the tiny town of Fairchild, Wisconsin. Although she moved away when she was young she always stayed in touch with her relatives that lived in Wisconsin. Today her hometown is doing what it can to keep her memory alive. Recently her fan club donated a large collection of memorabilia to the Fairchild public library. Carole's fan club also paid for a custom display case to be built. The memorabilia, along with a beautiful painting by Dick Bobnick, will be on permanent display at the Fairchild library. There is also a plaque dedicated to Carole on the building. In 2019 a twenty-eight inch bronze statue of Carole was given to the library to celebrate her 100th birthday. It was designed by artist Susan Luery. At a ceremony to unveil the statue fans came from all over the country to celebrate her life.

Thank you to Gwen Serna, Norman Boisclair, and all of Carole's fans who helped make these tributes possible. The Fairchild public library is located at 208 Huron Street in Fairchild, Wisconsin.

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