Vintage Ads

Carole Landis 1948 Rimmel Ad

Carole was featured in many different ads during her career. She advertised products including Chesterfield cigarettes, Lux soap, and Rimmel make-up. Here is a collection of her ads ...

Carole Landis Chesterfield CigarettesCarole Landis Chesterfield CigarettesCarole Landis Chesterfield Cigarettes

Carole Landis Schaefer BeerCarole Landis Schaefer BeerCarole Landis Oven Ad

Carole Landis Lux SoapCarole Landis RimmelCarole Landis Royal Crown Cola

Carole Landis Powder BaseCarole Landis AdCarole Landis Lipton Tea

Carole Landis John Hubbard Dole AdCarole Landis John Hubbard AdCarole Landis Nescafe Ad

Carole Landis Dupont AdCarole Landis Ad

Carole Landis AdCarole Landis Flame-GloCarole Landis Flame-Glo