Recommended Reading

Over the years Carole has been featured in numerous books. Here are some books we think her fans should read ...

Carole Landis: A Tragic Life In Hollywood by E.J. Fleming is the first full-length biography of Carole. We highly recommend reading it.

Carole is featured on the cover of Screened Out: Playing Gay In Hollywood From Addison To Stonewall. It includes a chapter about her film Turnabout.

Dishing Hollywood: The Real Scoop on Tinseltown's Most Notorious Scandals by Laurie Jacobson includes a chapter about Carole

Hollywood Victory: The Movies, Stars, and Stories of World War II by Christian Blauvelt includes a section about Carole

Hollywood's Babylon Women by John Austin includes a chapter about Carole

Hollywood Celebrates The Holidays by Karie Bible and Mary Mallory includes a photo of Carole on St. Patrick's Day

Cut!: Hollywood Murders, Accidents, And Other Tragedies includes one page about Carole's death

Lovely Me: The Life of Jacqueline Susann by Barbara Seaman includes information about Carole's romance with Jacqueline

Buzz: The Life and Art of Busby Berkeley by Jeffrey Spivak includes information about her romance with Busby Berkeley