Carole Landis In Color

* Carole was born under the astrological sign of Capricorn. She studied astrology and went to psychics for advice. A psychic once warned her that she "must beware of emotional entanglements with men you can't entirely possess".

* She was a feminist at an early age. Carole tried to form an all female football team at her high school but the principal stopped her because it was unladylike.

* In 1937 she got her very first fan letter from a woman named Peggy McKenna. Peggy later moved to Los Angeles and worked as her stand-in.

Carole Landis At HomeCarole Landis At Home

* One of her favorite hobbies was decorating. Carole decorated many of her homes herself with an Asian or Spanish theme. She even made her own drapes and lampshades.

* Carole always wrote a small gold cross necklace. Her close friend Diana Lewis gave it to her in 1938. She was later buried wearing the necklace.

* Even though she never graduated from high school Carole was smart and she loved to read. She was a fan of Ernest Hemingway, Noel Coward, and W. Somerset Maugham. In 1941 Hemingway gave her a set of autographed books.

Carole Landis Playing Tennis

* Carole was very athletic and loved sports. She played tennis, badminton, and golf. In high school 
she was a pitcher on the baseball team.

* She took flying lessons with her second husband Willis Hunt and got her pilots license in 1941. During World War 2 she flew for the Civilian Air Patrol.

* Her favorite actress was Bette Davis. Carole said she watched all of Bette's films three times.

Carole Landis At The Piano

* Carole could play the piano and bought one for her living room so she could practice. In 1941 she started taking lessons with renowned conductor Jacques Rachmilovich.

* She was a big fan of classical music and had a large collection of classical records. Her favorite composers were Debussy and Sibelius.

* On April 24, 1942 she legally changed her name from Frances Ridste to Carole Landis. She had picked the name out of a phone book in 1936. Her mother Clara started calling herself "Clara Landis".

Carole Landis Star

* Carole has been awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her contribution to motion pictures. The ceremony took place on February 8, 1960. You can visit her star at 1765 Vine Street.

* In 1945 she was cast in the musical Doll Face but she quit right before filming began. Vivian Blaine replaced her in the movie.

* She loved to lay out in the sun and get a deep tan. Carole used Elizabeth Arden suntan oil in the cafe shade.

Carole Landis

* She enjoyed eating and hated to diet. Her favorite foods were eggs, donuts, and corn on the cob. Carole's last meal on July 4, 1948 as roast chicken, a tossed salad, and lemon chiffon pie.

Her dream was to become a serious dramatic actress. Carole thought Turnabout and A Scandal In Paris were her best movies. Her least favorite role was in Behind Green Lights.

* Carole never wore nail polish. She thought that polish looked vulgar so she would only put it on for photo shoots.

Carole Landis At A Nightclub

* She loved to go out dancing at nightclubs. Her favorite clubs were the El Morocco in Los Angeles and the Stork Club in New York City.

* From the beginning of her career Carole was being compared to actress Carole Lombard. Although she was a big fan of Miss Lombard the two women never met.

* Carole often wore all of her wedding rings as once. She said it was a reminder to never get married again.

Carole Landis BlondeCarole Landis Brunette

* Throughout her career Carole often changed her hair color from blonde to brunette. She believed she would be taken more seriously as an actress with darker hair.

 * She once told a reporter that she always slept in the nude when she was alone. Carole said that if someone was with her she slept in a black nightgown. She also liked to swim in her pool naked!

* Carole  loved celebrating holidays and always had a party on New Year's (her birthday), Mother's Day, and Easter. She said "I go all sentimental on my birthday and on holidays. Isn't it marvelous?"

Carole Landis At The Indy 500
Carole at the Indy 500

 * In May of 1947 Carole attended the Indy 500 car race in Indianapolis. She presented the winner with a trophy.

* She was a very talented photographer. Carole liked to take pictures of her friends and pets. There was a dark room in her Pacific Palisades house where she could develop her own pictures.

* Carole was going to star in the 1948 movie The Amazing Mr. X but she died before filming began. 
Lynn Bari was given her part in the movie.

Carole Landis 1941 OscarsCarole Landis 1942 Oscars
Carole at the 1941 and 1942 Academy Awards

* She was never nominated for an Academy Award. Carole was a presenter at the 1942 and 1944 Oscars and she caused a commotion at the 1941 ceremony when her slip fell out of her dress.