Where Carole Lived

When Carole moved to Hollywood in late 1936 she lived at the Bronsonia apartments located at 1933 Bronson Avenue in Los Angeles. She later said the building was in an "unfashionable" part of town. Her modest one bedroom apartment cost $45 a month.

Carole Landis The Bronsonia ApartmentCarole Landis The Bronsonia Apartments
Carole at the Bronsonia Apartments

The Bronsonia Apartments
The Bronsonia Apartments

From 1940 until 1942 she rented a house at 12424 Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills. Carole shared the ten room home with her mother Clara and their many dogs. Her bedroom had a private dressing room and two large bearskin rugs. She also had a bomb shelter built under the cellar.

Carole Landis Sunset Boulevard HouseCarole Landis Sunset Boulevard House
Carole at her Sunset Boulevard house

Carole Landis Sunset Boulevard HouseCarole Landis Sunset Boulevard House
Carole in her Sunset Boulevard bedroom

Carole Landis Sunset Boulevard ArticleCarole Landis Sunset Boulevard Article

In February of 1942 she bought a ocean front home located at 703 Palisades Beach Road in Santa Monica. Carole had always wanted to live on the beach. The house was decorated with Spanish and Asian styles. One room was designed to look like a ship's cabin.

Carole Landis Santa Monica HouseCarole Landis Santa Monica House
Carole at her Santa Monica beach house

Carole Landis Santa Monice HouseCarole Landis Santa Monica House
Carole in her Santa Monica bedroom

Carole Landis Beach House ArticleCarole Landis Beach House Article

In December of 1943 she and her husband Tommy Wallace moved to the Sunset Plaza apartments located at 1220 Sunset Plaza Drive in Los Angeles. Carole's close friend Don Loper decorated the apartment with silk curtains and bright colors. When she moved out in 1945 she sold all of the furniture.

Carole Landis Sunset Plaza ApartmentCarole Landis Sunset Plaza Apartment
Carole at the Sunset Plaza apartments

Carole Landis Sunset Plaza ArticleCarole Landis Sunset Plaza Article

In March of 1947 she and her husband Horace Schmidlapp bought 1465 Capri Drive in Pacific Palisades. The thirteen room French style home cost $78,000. Carole put the house up for sale during the summer of 1948. Tragically this was the home where she took her own life.

Carole Landis Pacific Palisades HouseCarole Landis Pacific Palisades House
Carole at her Pacific Palisades home

Carole Landis Pacific Palisades Article

Carole also lived at:

232 S. Mapleton Drive, Westwood (1946 - 1947)